A Backlink Utopia: Just a Pipe-dream?


As one is finding out more and more about the eccentricities of Search Engine Optimisation, if you are even a little like me you would find yourself why some things are the way they are. Take backlinks for example – they are an essential factor in ranking a website/page effectively – but there is not solid, proven-to-work-100%-of-the-time solution for them, even after years and hundreds of people writing thousands of articles. While studying everything there is about backlinks, I couldn’t help but think to myself:



Why Doesn’t Everyone just Link to Everyone else?

It both Does and Doesn’t Make Sense

This is bit extreme. I would rephrase it like this; why is backlinking between sites not a more common practice? Like, between businesses and partnering enterprises? I have been chewing on this conundrum for a few weeks now and there is still no answer that makes sense. Are people just being stingy with their online reputation that it would be an unnecessary risk with little payoff to backlink at all?

To a small extent, there are cases of intra-company backlinking taking place today: ever been on the About Us page of a website and seen the Our Sponsors section with logos, that if you click on them, take you to that company’s website? There you go! But what I am wondering is why this in not being done on a larger scale?


The Only Reason It Shouldn’t Work

Besides the obvious benefits – which are all my semi-professional opinion, by the way – the only reason I can see this not being effective is quite simple. Every heard the saying; “If everyone is special, then nobody is.” I think this is a similar case, if every website links to every other website in an attempt to rank better, then backlinking will fail to continue to be an accurate ranking factor. It would become like saying that a ranking factor depends on a website having a domain. Yes, a domain. The very thing that makes it a website. It would be ubiquitous and ineffective. But this is the only reason that comes to mind as to why it would not work.


The Reason its a Backlink Pipe-Dream

With companies trying to shelter their fragile online reputations in today’s increasingly online and ever-vengeful world – it makes sense why they would be skeptical of risking that hard earned reputation. But lets think of a practical application of this system, there simply has to be a way to make it work. I have an idea, contracts. Like any agreement that is drafted in black and white between two companies, full of sections and clauses – so too can they include a clause about this particular topic.



This clause could be a very important aspect that companies have perhaps not been thinking hard enough about. A contract by its very nature is a 50/50 agreement between two entities in an effort to achieve some kind of mutually beneficial goal. Why can part of this goal be aimed at online presence back-feeding? I mean, you are going to work together to make a ton of money, why not include a little something-something extra to sweeten the deal? And on top of that, this can be seen as a sign of taking the agreement seriously. The proverbial vows at the wedding! “I Company A, hereby vow to regularly backlink to the website of Company B, because we have a blossoming future ahead of us.” * wipes away tears and snot *



As an aspiring entrepreneur I can say that this is surely something that I will be looking at incorporating in whatever venture I decide to pursue one day. It just makes sense. you start your company offering a completely new service, signing contracts with big clients quickly – with this process your company can get the exposure it may not be able to afford at the moment, at a crucial time in its lifespan, but that it definitely deserves – at least in the eyes of the aged and established companies that support it.