Our Products

Directory Application

This entirely interactive application allows :
  • Customers to navigate a directory of services and businesses
  • Businesses and customers to communicate with eachother
  • Register events
  • Make bookings, Retrieve commissions
  • Send notifications
  • Collect behavioral data from customers and businesses

New Product App

This simple plug and play application sends you notifications when new products are registered on your e-commerce website.

No complicated features – A robust and useful app to keep your customers updated and help understand their needs.


No expensive tools required, we connect all the relevant APIs to your personal dashboard, using what you already work with.

No limitations to any of the tools – using your data to get the conversion you want.


We provide advice from operational to executive levels based on solid data and experience.

All our consultants are seniors and have been managing international accounts over the last 15 years.


We have a very flexible approach when it comes to making your business more profitable.

From result based fees to hourly, ad-hoc consultation, or even monthly retainers – we’ll find the most appropriate solution for you.


From websites to TV ads, we choose to rely on data to give you the best of our creative side.


We’ve launched several major brands in Africa


Full Service

Our creative and technical teams work hand-in-hand to deliver the best content possible.

We also rely on external partners renown for their professionalism to help us deliver.


We’re proud of what we’ve learnt over the years and we’ve designed some of the most comprehensive courses ever.

Types of Training Offered:

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Performance Management
  • Digital Marketing Budget Analysis

100% interactive, you will be placed in real situation during our 1 to 3 days training courses, competing against each other while learning how to maximize your ROI.

Our training courses are designed for all levels from operational to executive.