Do-Follow vs. No-Follow Backlinks

We vaguely mentioned the two types of Backlinks in our article on Authority Backlinks and while they seem straightforward, they are considered to be some of the most important ranking factors for Search Engines like Google. Knowing how to incorporate Backlinks into your SEO cocktail could see you either jumping with joy or sitting with your head in your hands as you watch your ranking trail off. The first step in using something effectively is to understand it, and that is why we are here, isn’t it?


Overview of Backlinks

A quick refresher: Backlinks are defined as hyperlinks located on one domain that refers to another. To Search Engines, this looks like Website B is giving Website A its vote of confidence, with regards to a particular reason. Search Engines use this as a way of discerning how necessary it is to regard Website A as important, and to what degree – depending on how many websites for it for similar/the same reasons.


The Difference Between Do-Follow and No-Follow

Juice; this is one of the terms I have seen used to refer to the effect of linking between domains – i.e. ‘Giving it Juice’ etc. So we will use this same term, okay? Essentially, the difference between Do-Follow and No-Follow links is that they do and no not provide juice to the site they are linking to, respectively. What this means is that Do-Follow links allow the sites they are linking to to benefit from their SEO configuration, and No-Follow links do not. One gives the receiving domain a boost of sorts. No-Follow links do not, they merely mention the receiving domain, allowing users to travel there if they so choose, but provide no additional benefit to the receiving domain.


How do SE’s see DF’s and NF’s?

Search Engines see Do-Follows and No-Follows as very important, their use and the mix thereof can have a large bearing on the success of your ranking attempts. It stands to reason that Search Engines would not take kindly to domains that refer to hundreds of other domains with ‘juicing’ Do-Follow links. The same goes for No-Follow links, so there has to be a balance of sorts. The incorporation of No-Follow links gives the impression to SE’s that you, the administrator/creator of the site, are particular about which sites you give ‘juice’ to, that you understand the industry and what your actions can result in.



Balance. As simple as that. Using too many of one kind of link can be damaging to your site’s reputation. On the other hand, do not think of this as a black and white situation with a 1 micrometre line in between, definitely not. The grey area is ample enough for you to mess around in and find a linking pattern that works for you. Mix it up and enjoy reaping the benefits.

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